Healing: Sign post to the “Valley of Decision”

What is the difference and what are the circumstances that determine when a believer is healed and do the unbelievers fall under the same category as a believer when they receive healing? When an unbeliever is healed the implications are harvest orientated. The healing of unbelievers is designed to effect the spiritual structure and the hearts and minds of everyone connected to the one healed. This should be the case for the believer also. When a believer is healed it is the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives. The result of the promises that are activated by faith are performed on behalf of the believer by the Lord! This is also harvest orientated as it produces greater faith in all those involved. This includes the ones who prayed the prayers of agreement to the Word and all those who operated prophetically to encourage, edify and exhort to the Cross where healing occurs. The believer should be able to testify of the Goodness of God in their lives and those who are not believers who are or who have not been directly related to the performance of a miracle will certainly be brought without excuse to a valley of decision. Faith comes by hearing but explosions of faith come by hearing and seeing the power of God.

Truly it is not about the healing in most instances, but, that He is establishing belief and abolishing unbelief. Healing produces greater realms of faith by establishing the Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ in power. In this He accomplishes the atmosphere that pleases Him the most. He is able to reward all of those who enter into the “gift of faith.” Healing is much more than deliverance from the evil of sickness, disease and all of the wounds inflicted on the spirit, soul and mind. It is the spearhead gift that establishes faith irrefutably in the heart of believers and unbelievers alike. Healing and miracles in the Name the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth abolish doubt and unbelief which creates the scenario called the “valley of decision.”

Jesus is the Administrator of the power to heal and to cast out demons. The Father is the Operations Manager, and the Holy Spirit is the Manifestor of the gift of healing and everything else that are the result of His Kingdom coming here to earth as it is in Heaven. They are One and the same working together as a Whole Individual, an Eternally Whole God to bring forth the Harvest by manifesting through signs, wonders and miracles to abolish doubt and unbelief so that all men might believe!

Jesus did not go to the disciple’s and say “I will make you healers of men,” but He did say they would be “fishers of men.” So many in the Body are consumed with being a healer or known for their gifts, never realizing that the gifts are to provoke faith in believers and non believers alike. Some receive healing and soon forget where the healing came from. Even so, even when they have forgotten the many benefits their healing brought inevitably ┬áthe seed that was planted by the Lord’s mercy gives┬ábirth to salvation later down the road. Truly healing comes on the wings of His Word and that Word accomplishes that for which it was sent producing faith that leads to righteousness in the end. Healing brings the “unbeliever” to the valley of decision.

Not all the disciples were walking completely convinced in the Lordship of Jesus and the Revelation of the Messiah as we understand Him. We know this by remembering the doubts that Thomas had. Jesus continually reminded the disciples of there lack of faith. Eventually though, the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ through the “Spirit of Prophecy” or through divine encouragement, edification and exhortation, gave birth to its “perfect way” as the Word accomplished that for which He was sent.

I love that scripture that tells us to “forget not His many benefits.” In healing alone the benefits are overwhelming in the Spirit realm. The greatest benefit is that healing brings the harvest! Healing is one of the most effective reaping and harvest tools in the Kingdom. Healing is the manifestation of the Fathers love available to everyone unconditionally because Jesus was slain before the foundations of the Earth. All men are eligible. This is why the Israeli’s when they came out of Egypt were able to live in perfect healing. This is why the ungrateful lepers were able to receive His healing on that day in Lu:17:12-17 “And as He entered into a certain village, there met Him ten men that were lepers, which stood afar off and they lifted up their voices, and said, ‘Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.’

And when He saw them, He said unto them, Go shew yourselves unto the priests. And it came to pass, that, as they went, they were cleansed. And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God, and fell down on his face at His feet, giving Him thanks: and he was a Samaritan. And Jesus answering said, ‘were there not ten cleansed,’ but where are the nine?” Where did the nine go?

The nine did not see beyond the “Master” that Jesus was and did not see by the working of this miracle that Jesus was Lord. Many times people come to Jesus looking for that quick fix and once they are no longer “needy” they move away from pursuing His Lordship and will see Him as only Master from a distance.

Were these lepers true believers or did they just see Jesus as any other faith healer of His time and not as the Lord of all creation? These men were not true believers (except for the one) as we would consider a “full on believer” but as time went on and as the Lord’s ministry continued who knows? Everyone is on their own journey. The leper who glorified the Lord was ready and understood. The possibility that these men moved on to glorify God in there lives later as the seed of the Lord’s mercy and grace upon them germinated, is very very possible! It is the goodness of the Lord that leads men to repentance. The nine lepers that did not prostrate themselves may have been suffering from abandonment and rejection issues and did not see that they could have this relationship of unconditional love with “the Master.” We’ll know when we get to heaven won’t we, as nothing else was written again concerning the later part of their journey’s in life.

In John 11:28 Martha is still calling Jesus “Teacher” or properly translated “Master.” She had not quite grasped the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, but in time she eventually does. In time she becomes thankful and begins to call the “Rabbi” Lord Jesus! What am I saying? I am saying that when the Lord sends His Word it always accomplishes that for which it was sent and that His Word which is sent never returns void. His Word, His Seed, always bears fruit that remains. His Word always accomplishes that for which it was sent and that is to ultimately bring the revelation of His love and win souls to His Glory!

The goal for us as “fishers of men” is to bring the reality of salvation through the Anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

When we are empowered by the Holy Spirit as the disciples were in (John 20:22). “And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost”) we are able to plant seeds of faith in the hearts of men who witness the signs and wonders that accompany the preaching of Sozo, or the “Good News.” Sozo is the Greek Word for saved, healed, delivered and defended.

It is within the spectrum of His mercy and grace that all doubt and unbelief is destroyed and the “Goodness” of God takes over the reigns and leads men to the Cross and repentance! Praise God that His mercy is available to everyone from the foundations of the earth and that He is making a way for all of His banished ones to return to Him! 2 Sam 14:14 “For we will surely die and are like water spilled on the ground which cannot be gathered up again. Yet God does not take away life, but plans ways so that the banished one will not be cast out from Him.”

Blessings to all in Christ Jesus

Stephen Holmstock

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