Sons of God, Be Expectant~


JESUS is LORD!!! I bless you throughout this coming summer. The fields are white for harvest so…. Be expectant! Angels heralded the Sons arrival and told of the Glory of God being manifest in the flesh here on earth. The Messiah Emmanuel was foretold and all the earth waited with anticipation. Even now the Son of God is heralded by the Angels in the atmosphere as they blow the trumpet, and much more, as the earth groans and shakes and travails, the Angels of the Lord trumpet the manifestation of the son’s of God here on this earth! His church (the sons of God) will be a victorious church without spot nor wrinkle! As we see the men and woman of God appear here in these last days to do the “finished” work of the Lord we know that harvest time is in full swing and the Latter Rain is upon us!

The Trumpet of His Love has been sounding off all across these lands and He is COMING SOON!!! This year 2018 will be a year of incredible Harvest in every land! Those whom you have been contending for and those who seem to be the farthest and hardest to reach will come in without a struggle, without a fight! They will cave in to the Lord’s inextricable weighty Love! Their hearts will melt before Him as you release the Heart of the Father and the Mind of Christ to all who He directs you too! Watch and behold the suddenlies of the Lord such as you have never conceived! Not by might, not by power, but by His Spirit as you remain in Christ Jesus! Apart from Him you can do nothing but you can do all things through and in Christ who strengthens you! He is making a way where there seems to be no way and their will be rivers of living water where you have always seen desert lands! Life abundantly and a Great Harvest and surely He will do this before your eyes as He will use the foolish things as well to confound the wise! Get excited and be prepared at all times to be instant in season! Emmanuel! God is with you!!!

Stephen Holmstock

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