Awaken Alaska is in Nashville!

Praise God we are now being broadcast out of Nashville Tennessee! Originally after having made contact with Don Nori Sr. and as well as the La Familia Channel and Telemundo we were approached by Kenny Lee of KLP Productions in Nashville Tennessee who produces television on a ROKU server that has up to 3 million viewers. Kenny Lee is the owner of KLP which produces up and coming country music stars such as Laura Dodd who was the Inspirational Country Music Singer of the Year in 2012. Kenny now produces her television show “” as well his own show “” Kenny Lee has agreed to produce us monthly until we build up enough shows that we can become weekly. Please pray for us so that we hit the mark and produce according to the leading of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus! Kenny and Laura both can be found on Facebook.

Recently we filled out a new year long contract with GCI cable in Anchorage and South Central and our time slot has changed. We will be broadcast at 11 pm to 12 am every Friday night on Channel 18 GCI Cable. We like this time slot. We are upgrading our show so we can continue to bring an Alaska feel to the Gospel of Grace to the Lower 48! Its all very exciting!

I am posting the Inauguration prayers for everyone to look at, listen to and take to heart. The words that went out over the podium from the Capitol by the people of faith should set the benchmark for the next eight years for the way we pray for and over our nation!


For those of you who don’t know. Awaken Alaska was filming Rob Radosti at the Dimond Hotel in Anchorage when shots rang out. Two bullets from drug deal gone bad struck inside the room where we were having our meeting. One of the bullets struck the wall 3 – 4 feet from my head directly in front of me. Jennifer McBride our administrator was there along with my son and approximately 30 other people as well. It was a miracle no one was hit. A woman felt a bullet pass through her hair and a young boy was almost hit in the chest as well. Another miracle was that a young girl had just asked her father to move when a bullet crashed through a window exactly where he had been located just minutes before! To God be the glory! We had been just extolling and praising the promises of our King Jesus to save, heal, deliver and PROTECT earlier! Hallelujah! We serve an awesome God!

Awaken Alaska once again wants to thank you all for your love and support! Please leave a note here and let us all know what you are thinking and let us know what your hoping to see happen with Awaken Alaska!

Sincerely,                                                                                                     Stephen Holmstock                                                                                 President                                                                                                 Awaken Alaska                                                                                         907-382-9253

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