Awaken Alaska is headed to Nashville!

We are headed to Nashville. Apart from our television show and ministry to ministries in need of financial advice, I am also a recording artist collaborating with some of the best in the business out of Nashville Tenn. Besides the music we are recording we have been waiting on things  to change financially so that we can work with KLP Productions and to bring Awaken Alaska to a larger network. We have some great connections we have not tapped into because finances will not allow it. This is not a pitch for money by the way. This is just a heads up about what we are doing to move forward as the Lord wills. Its all about His will! We don’t know where all of this is going. We just know that the plans that the Lord has for us are for good and not evil! His plan is to prosper us and to give us an expected end. We know that the Lord is able to do exceedingly and abundantly far more than we could have hoped for or imagined!

We have determined that when the music is successful and produces the capital and income we will then take advantage of the opportunities that lie before us. The Lord has seen fit to connect us to some very successful people in the business and it is our job to simply apply our faith through works in the spirit of excellence as He has provided us.

We have recorded 5 songs in Nashville under the KLP banner with country music legend Kenny Lee and Mike Shrimpf the house piano player for the Country Music Hall  of Fame. We also have complete one music video. You can see the video here on my personal “artists” website The plan is to complete the next five songs then complete music videos for each one of them. We plan on having the first five done by the end of the year. So exciting! Praise the Lord!

Here are the testimonies of the songs…

“Wedding Song” Testimony

Not all believers know the revelation of the Wedding Feast prepared for the Lord and His Bride~                                                                              In the “Wedding Song” the Bridegroom calls His Bride to drink of all the love that He has to give her with all of its eternal weighty blissful glory! He gently woos her as He suggests to her “come drink of the Wine My love, come drink of it deeply… come be made My Wife, let Me love you completely.”                                                                                      One day I was sitting in my friend Barry Hildebrand’s house eating all of his ice cream before he could dispose of it himself. I was lounging around like I always do when I’m over at his place when a lady friend of mine came in and asked me to please write her a song for her upcoming wedding. Immediately the Lord dropped this song directly into my heart. I got up walked over to the table, set my ice cream down, and asked for a pen. Within two minutes I had written the song. It was beautiful. But now I needed the music. The very moment I began to wonder how the music composition would come I heard the Lord say “use the composition you wrote for your daughter Robin when she passed away.” What! I thought really? Use that song? I had never used those chord structures ever except to pine away and mourn the death of my thirteen year old daughter. I got an immediate overwhelming sense of comfort as I thought these things. When I put the songs to the composition I had so long used to remember my daughter, the words of the song and the music fit together like a glove. I instantly heard the Lord say “you’ll never mourn your daughter with this composition again. You will however declare My love for My Beloved using this composition and I will anoint it.” This song is anointed and everyone that hears it is moved deeply by it. In order to enter into this place of intimacy with Jesus there is a different kind of mourning that goes on. It is the crucified death of your old nature that the Holy Spirit produces in His Beloved that she would be betrothed and set apart to her Husband so that they would be One for all eternity to the Glory of God the Father! I sang this song at my friend’s wedding and everyone loved it. Actually my music was first recognized because of this song. This song has opened the door for this project to go forward and it will be available with the music video and released in the summer of 2018 as well with the others!

“Communion Song” Testimony

“Holy Spirit won’t you fall on me.” This is the invitation and position of our hearts as we approach the Throne of Grace! “Holy Spirit won’t you set me free.” This is our hearts cry as we come to our Lord and Savior knowing that it is His Truth revealed by His Holy Spirit within us that brings breakthrough and freedom. We are transcended into the place where obedient, authentic maturing sons of God dwell, seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus as the Father makes all of our enemies and that evil that plaques us our footstools! This is the beginning of the song that walks you through the memory of what the broken Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ extends towards all who believe. Through His broken Body and shed Blood we have been gifted the infilling, indwelling and full immersion of His perfect and pure Holy Spirit.

From the very beginning it has been the Father’s intent to draw all men to Himself by His Holy Spirit only to fill them with His Holy Spirit and make them His dwelling place. Acts 17:24 “The God who made the world and all things in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands,” Galatians 2:20 “I am crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me.”

The “Communion Song” is all about the journey the Lord takes us on through the leading of His Holy Spirit that reveals authentic maturing sons of God as well as His Bride the unified Church. My friend Don Nori Sr who wrote the book “I Am A Son” recently said to me “the church will never be unified until they all look to Jesus.” We must all look to Jesus who alone is the Author and finisher of our faith.

As the song speaks to the authority of Jesus, His broken Body and His precious Blood, it reveals the hearts cry of the Father for His Son that He would be betrothed to His Beloved Bride! She has set her eyes on Him and continually looking for the Lover of her soul. This is her heart in Song of Solomon 2:9 “My Beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag. Behold, He is standing behind our wall, He is looking through the windows, He is peering through the lattice.” She knows He is for her and is the Husbandman of the vine of Truth that is weaved in the Word of God planted in her heart mind and soul! As she looks for her lover she is united with her virgin sisters for the coming of her Betrothed. Matthew 25 “Then the Kingdom of Heaven shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the Bridegroom.” She knows that her “oil” lamp can only be filled from above.

All through the scriptures “oil” remains symbolic of the ‘anointing’ of the Holy Spirit or is used directly inferring the Holy Spirit. “The Spirit of the Lord” and the oil of anointing are directly linked. The oil of anointing stands as a physical representation of Jesus being given the Spirit to perform these functions for God in His service to man.” For you and I, His Bride, if we will position ourselves so, we have been given an even greater ministry anointing by His Spirit which reveals Christ in us the Hope of Glory. Our ministry is not just towards man as the Lord’s was, but our ministry is towards God and man. We are filled with the Spirit of God to minister to the heirs of salvation while we are also called to minister even as Mary did at the feet of our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I love this song and I am happy that He allowed me to write it, sing it, record it and release it to the world! I hope you love it and that you are never the same after hearing it!

“No Doubt Testimony”

“No Doubt” is a song written to call out the doubt and unbelief that we all struggle with when we are contending for healing and put it on notice. It starts off with the challenge, “remove all doubt from your mind! Won’t you dare to believe! Call down the gift of faith be filled with His grace! Get ready to receive!” Faith is the substance of things hoped for! Without faith it is impossible to please God! We have to position ourselves in our hearts and minds and demand within ourselves that we maintain an attitude of faith and immovable confidence in the promises of the Lord! It pleases the Lord when we walk by faith and not by sight. He wants to reward your faith if you will refuse to let it go! “No Doubt” says, contend for your faith and apply works that accompany your faith as the Spirit leads you! He will lead you and He will produce faith in you if you ask Him to help you with your unbelief! Like the song says, “come on get excited! He is Faithful and True! To those who dare to believe His mercy and grace… are extended to you!” After you hear this song you will be left with no other choice than to put your complete trust and unwavering confidence in the Word of the Lord over all of your circumstances! The Father is watching over His Word to perform it and He is able to do exceedingly and far more abundantly than we could hope for or ask! There is NO DOUBT you are going to love this song! It is filled with amazing rhythm and blues riffs that will carry your faith on every note to grasp the reality of faith that comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God!

“Every Man” Testimony

This is an incredible testimony of healing coupled with creativity! I was at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage Alaska when I saw this man who was struggling to stand up from his wheelchair. He was trying to smoke. I thought, sheesh, this guy really wants a cigarette because of all the trouble he was going through to do it. I heard the Lord say, “pray for him” and thought to myself…. really? So I said to the Lord, “I don’t want to…” then the Lord asked me “why not?” I told Him, “I don’t know, I just don’t like praying and not seeing instant results… its humiliating. I don’t want to be embarrassed.” Then I heard the Lord say, “Lay hands on him and pray.” So I did… no result! I left thinking “see Lord! That’s why I don’t like doing this. Because I don’t see results all the time!” So I left.

That day my pastor called me and asked me to meet him at the restaurant of my choice anywhere in the city of Anchorage to eat lunch. I picked a hole in the wall Korean style buffet place and we met the next day. We were just getting ready to sit down when I heard all these people walking into the restaurant. I look over and guess who comes walking in with his whole family, but the very guy who I had prayed for the day before. He was walking upright and there was no wheelchair! I dropped my food on the table and asked the pastor to excuse me, walked over to this man and his family with wide eyed excitement and asked him “do you remember me? What happened, you could not walk at all yesterday, where is your wheelchair?” He then told me the story of what happened after I left. After I left the man wheeled into see the doctor but when he asked him how he could help him he immediately felt the infirmity leave and his strength began to pour back into his body! Now, here he was at the restaurant that I just happened to be at (not an accident ya think?) He was there to celebrate the goodness of God, through the promise of healing, with his family! I was praising God! Back at my table with the pastor I recounted the story with the pastor. He said, “now that’s a spiritual ‘atta’ boy if I ever heard one!”

The pastor began to tell me how the Lord put it on his heart to tell me three things. He said, “every man needs a father, every man needs a brother, and every man needs a son.” When he said those three things the song dropped into my spirit and I wrote “Every Man” right on the spot….. the song and the music video will be available for release the summer of 2018! Praise God!

“Backslider Come Home” Testimony

“Backslider Come Home” was written while I was in a halfway house years ago. Frustrated, I stared out the window while I was praying one day when a squirrel jumped up on the window screen and began playing right in front of me running up and down it! It was then when I heard these words…. “I know you’re feeling frustrated because things aren’t going your way, I know that things seem all messed up but Jesus is still with you today! Backslider Come Home, Jesus is still calling to you!” Yes!

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